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This new two-day summer festival will take place at Lakota, one of Bristol’s most popular nightclubs. To be confirmed, the location of the meeting will be in North Bristol.

There was a rave era prior to the turn of the millennium, which will be exalted through Summer Of Love. On the first day, you’ll find disco, house, techno, while on the second there will be drum and bass, jungle, baselines, and UK Funky and Garage.

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About Lakota’s Summer Of Love

Let’s party like it’s 1992! The year Lakotas doors first opened. Lakota kickstart summer with a secret post-pandemic party on the first Saturday lockdown restrictions are fully lifted.


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With all of us being trapped indoors for the better part of a year, it’s understandable why everyone is looking forward to summer once more, as the escape from this latest quarantine is gaining speed. What could make the evening more exciting than a secret party from the people behind Bristol’s historic nightclub Lakota?

Despite more than 30 years of rave style events losing popularity, it appears they are getting popular once again, just look at the upcoming Lakota Party Utopia. Lakota has scheduled their own festival for the first Saturday of ‘proper raves’ taking place again (currently 26 June), Summer Of Love. The name of the event is a nod to a time when raves dominated the air before the turn of the century. It’s going to be a huge event featuring house, disco, and techno.

The event will now be held on a second day (27 June) since there was so much demand, on which the music focus will be drum & bass, jungle, baseline, UK Funky,  and Garage sounds.


Saturday, June 26th & Sunday, June 27th

We’re going to celebrate like it’s 1992! It was in this year that Lakota opened its doors.

It is with great excitement that we announce Lakota’s first festival (which is the first in the UK for 2022!).


Festival visitors are invited to attend the festival in a field in Bristol, but the actual location will remain a secret  until the day of the event. Ticket sales for the return bus will be available so you can get to and from the festival; you will be picked up from and returned to the city center by the bus.


Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th June.

During the first weekend after restrictions have been dropped, the festival will take place on the first weekend after restrictions have been lifted. In addition, Covid-19’s refund policy applies to any tickets purchased.


The festival will offer a wide range of music from house, disco, techno, as well as UK funk, dancehall and garage.

A number of genres will be featured on Sunday, including Drum & Bass, Jungle, Bass, Rollers, 140, and more!

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