Mauritius Open Air Festival 2022- Get Your Event Shirt

It is with great pleasure that we announce the return of the annual Mauritius Open Air Festival 2022!
Music and culture from Mauritius are celebrated at the largest event outside the Island. As a feast for the senses, this event is known as a completely unique London event.

There is no better way to experience Mauritius’ unique culture than at the Mauritius Open Air Festival. This fantastic event will bring a taste of Mauritius’ vibrancy and culture to Trent Park in London.
Music and arts workshops will be offered at the event, as well as face painting for children. This event will have an authentic and lively atmosphere. In Trent Park, stalls and flags will be lined up in a beautiful color scheme. It’s impossible to choose between all the authentic street food vendors serving up a variety of mouth-watering dishes, along with beer and cocktails.
As the Festival so beautifully displays Mauritius’ welcoming island culture, its unique festival each year brings together a distinctive mix of Mauritian musicians and the best Mauritian cuisine.

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Mauritius Open Air Festival 2022 shirt
Besides being a platform for Mauritius to showcase itself and its interests, the Festival also acts as a showcase for the island’s well-established restaurants, bars, and businesses.
The Festival was held for the 10th time in 2019, attracting an unusually large number of 15,000+ participants, which made it one of the largest of its kind in London.
Whatever your preference, Dhal Pouri (deep-fried bread stuffed with yellow split peas and served with a bean curry and chutney) or Gajaks (deep-fried snacks such as potato fritters and samosas) is available.
MOAF offers the perfect opportunity to get your belly full, relax with a chilled bottle of Mauritius’ award-winning beer, Phoenix beer, and enjoy the sounds of Sega (Mauritian music).

Mauritius Open Air Festival 2022
You’re guaranteed to make a date in your summer calendar for this summer’s home away from home as soon as you try it. Mauritius’ gem of the Indian ocean is reflected in this event, which offers great food, live music, and entertainment for everyone.
The official Mauritius Festival website is
If you have any questions about the festival, you can contact us at 0843 289 4421 or email us: [email protected]

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