National holidays in china – Updated

There are total seven official National holidays in China. Five of these Official National  holidays are three-day holidays. There is also  two week-long national holidays in China: Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, in January or February, and National Day holiday, which is the first week of Octobe are celebrated in China.


National holidays in china

A unique feature of Chinese Official holidays are that weekends, which are usually days off for office workers. A notable feature of mainland Chinese National holidays is that weekends are usually swapped with the weekdays next to the actual holiday to create a longer holiday period. The public holiday pattern, described as “notoriously complicated” by a Wall Street Journal journalist, is therefore less predictable than most developed countries.

Traditional National holidays In China

Date English name Remarks
January 1 New Year
1st day of 1st lunar month Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) Based on Chinese calendar. Holidays last seamlessly, two full weeks, up to the Lantern Festival (see below).
15th day of 1st lunar month Lantern Festival Based on Chinese calendar
2nd day of 2nd lunar month Zhonghe Festival (Dragon Raising its Head) Based on Chinese calendar
March 8 International Women’s Day
March 12 Arbor Day Also known as National Tree Planting Day
5th Solar Term (usually April 4–6) Qingming Festival (Chinese Memorial Day) Based on the Jieqi Qingming.
May 1 Labour Day International Workers’ Day
May 4 Youth Day Commemorating the May Fourth Movement
June 1 Children’s Day
5th day of 5th lunar month Dragon Boat Festival(Duanwujie) Based on Chinese calendar
July 1 CPC Founding Day Formation of 1st National Congress in July 1921
July 11 China National Maritime Day The anniversary of Zheng He’s first voyage
August 1 Army Day Nanchang Uprising  on August 1, 1927
7th day of 7th lunar month Double Seven Festival The Chinese Valentine’s Day, based on Chinese calendar
15th day of 7th lunar month Spirit Festival (Ghost Festival) Based on Chinese calendar
15th day of 8th lunar month Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival) Based on Chinese calendar
September 3 Victory over Japan Day Honoring the Allied victory over Japan and the end of the Second World War in the Pacific (new holiday established 2014)
September 30 Memorial Day Honoring all the fallen of the country right before National Day, new holiday established in 2014
October 1 National Day Founding of PRC on October 1, 1949
9th day of 9th lunar month Chongyang Festival Based on Chinese calendar.
December 13 Nanking Massacre Memorial Day New holiday established in 2014 to honor the thousands of Chinese lives lost during the events of the 1938 Nanking Massacre

Ethnic Minorities Holidays in China

There are  Public Holidays (National holidays)  celebrate by certain ethnic minorities in certain regions, which are decided by local governments. The following are holidays at province-level divisions, and there are more at lower level divisions.

Date English name Remarks
1st day of Tibetan year Losar 7 days in Tibet
30.6 of Tibetan calendar Sho Dun 1 day in Tibet
1.10 of Islamic calendar Eid ul-Fitr 2 days for all in Ningxia; 1 day for Muslims (only) in Xinjiang
10.12 of Islamic calendar Eid al-Adha 2 days for all in Ningxia; 3 days for Muslims, 1 day for others in Xinjiang


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