National Holidays In Egypt

The following National holidays in Egypt

are celebrated thoruogh out the country in Egypt, with the government offices and ministries are supposed to be closed. These holidays are either national secular holidays or important religious holidays of Egypt.

List of National holidays in Egypt

Date English Name Description
January 7 Christmas Celebrates the nativity of Jesus Christ, according to the Coptic Calendar (29 Koiak)
January 25 National Police Day -2011 Revolution Day[1] Celebrates the anniversary of Police officers resistance against the British Army in 1952 and the day of the beginning of the Egyptian revolution of 2011
April 25 Sinai Liberation Day Celebrates the final withdrawal of all Israeli military forces from the Sinai Peninsula in 1982.
May 1 Labour Day
July 23 Revolution Day Celebrates the Egyptian Revolution of 1952
October 6 Armed Forces Day Celebrates Egypt’s victory in the October War.

Muslim festivals are timed according to local sightings of various phases of the moon, and the dates given above are approximations. Therefore, the dates of the holidays are subject to change, and we cannot guarantee their complete accuracy. Also, the number of days of holiday is based on expected days off for the private sector.

national holidays in Egypt

                                                        National holidays in Egypt

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