National Just Because Day 27th August 2022

On August 27, you don’t need to celebrate. All you need is National Just Because of Day. why? Well, just because. If you want to make a spaghetti breakfast wearing last year’s Halloween costume, then you have more energy. If you want to climb trees as an adult, take a risk. No longer need to worry about the cause today.

Just because day also becomes a good way to spread random acts of kindness. Just because of this, send thoughtful cards to friends. Just call your grandparents. It’s just because of picking up trash from the neighbour’s yard.

national just because day 2022

History of National Just Because Day

The original version of Just Because Day may be a movable holiday, as Due Day is celebrated for the first time on the third Wednesday of May. It was invented in the late 1950s or early 1960s by Joseph J. Goodwin of Los Gatos, California. He turned the gift of the transistor radio to his wife into his family holiday. For Goodwin, it is not so much a radio station as a celebration of life, a free afternoon and family. Therefore, starting from the healthy family holiday celebrating a healthy and spontaneous life, there are such celebrations every year throughout the United States.

As we grow and integrate into the world, we tend to be consistent with always doing what we expect. For many people, this can be boring. On this very special day, these unspoken rules before us no longer apply. This day is a wonderful opportunity for you to do your best. This day is to encourage you to advance at your own drum rhythm. Your chance to do something for no reason. Whether you want to drink milk or wear a jumpsuit, take an impromptu trip anywhere, or surprise a friend with flowers. This day is your chance to increase spontaneity in life. This is also a great opportunity to spread a positive attitude to others! Pay the label for the form next to it. Leave a message on someone’s desk. The possibilities are endless, the only thing that makes you shrink is you!

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