Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day | August 28 2022- (Pet Lovers)

Today Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day | August 28 2022

Deborah Barnes had to say goodbye to Sir Cat on August 28, 2013. Deborah published an emotional book detailing her journey of indulging in jazz. This book is called “The Imprint of the Heart-The Cat’s Story” Life, Death and Transcendence. ”

After the book was released, Deborah received a strong response from people who read it. People communicate with Deborah and share stories about pets they have experienced, and Deborah realizes that her journey is being mirrored by others, and the death of pets is a period for many people. Deep emotional moment.

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day 2022

Therefore, to commemorate Mr. Sir and all the readers who were touched by her book, Deborah decided to create Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day to give people all over the world the opportunity to share the stories and memories of their loved and loved pets. Lost. In 2015, this holiday was first discovered, and now every August 28th, people are taking time to remember their pets.

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How to Observe Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day 2022

  • Memories with family and friends
    The best way to remember pets is to remember the good times. Call a family member or friend who is familiar with your pet and recall it.
  • Published memory
    If you like sharing on social media, why not post pictures of your pets and share memories. Use the #RainbowBridgeRemembranceDay hashtag to join other same people.
  • Leafing through old photos
    Remember, there is no better way than browsing old photos. This is a great way to remind yourself and pets of all the happy hours.


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