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Beefalo on loose for weeks in Connecticut escaped slaughter

[ad_1] PLYMOUTH. Conn. (AP) — An 800- to 900-pound (360- to 410-kilogram) beefalo remains on the loose in Plymouth, Connecticut, weeks after it escaped while being loaded off a truck for slaughter. The beefalo is a cross between a bison and domestic cattle and escaped from a meat processing business ...

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Updated predictions for Celtics’ first round picks

[ad_1] There are several teams with multiple first-round picks in the 2021 NBA Draft, but the Boston Celtics are in a unique position. They are the only team with three first rounders, with the highest coming in at No. 14 — the end of the lottery. Don’t miss NBC Sports ...

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Death toll rises to 14 for Hurricane Laura

[ad_1] The death toll continued to increase in Louisiana and Texas on Friday as the Gulf Coast cleaned up a day after being walloped by Hurricane Laura. When Hurricane Laura hit Louisiana this week as a Category 4 storm with 150 mph winds, it was the strongest storm to hit ...

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11th-hour appeal targets ranked voting referendum in Maine

[ad_1] PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A state judge’s ruling allowing a referendum the use of ranked choice voting in presidential elections in Maine isn’t going without a challenge. The secretary of state’s office and intervening parties have filed separate appeals of the judge’s decision that prevents the voting system from ...

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Which teams should buy and which should sell

[ad_1] The Major League Baseball trade deadline is days away and if you haven’t noticed all the trades and wrestling for postseason position it’s because, well, there hasn’t been much. Such is the result of being about halfway through a 60-game season that still feels like it just started, but ...

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