4.4 miles serves as the new record-setting distance for long-range rifle shots.

When a team of spotters and a shooter struck a target at 4.4 miles (7,744 yards) in the Wyoming desert earlier this month, they smashed the long-range shooting world record once more.

They spent several hours shooting downrange with a group of pals before making contact on their 69th attempt,

It's not unusual to take so many shots while attempting to break records of this nature.

The previous record, a four-mile shot achieved by Paul Phillips in 2019, required 69 attempts before the shooter was successful, according to Humphries.

With a 1.44 percent hit rate, a shooting display like this does bring up a clear problem: What does it actually mean in terms of

Given that it takes a lot of engineering, talent, and preparation—more than 1,500 hours, according to Humphries—that question is a little challenging to answer.

They were shooting at a metal target that was 10 feet broad and 7.6 feet tall, made of thin sheet metal.