Apple Just Announced A Brand New iPhone 14—And It’s Surprisingly Affordable

Not a camera that boasts dramatic alterations is shocking. Also, these security elements are not new. In actuality, there are probably not many differences between the newest version and the iPhone 13.

Apple recently unveiled the brand-new iPhone 14, and what's astonishing is how reasonably priced it is (relatively speaking, of course).

What you need to know about the new gadget is listed below.

This week sees the launch of the new iPhone 14, and users are in for a pleasant surprise: Apple isn't boosting its prices.

Every new Apple phone is typically anticipated to have a higher price tag as well as a number of new features..

However, the costs might seem more recognisable this time. The basic iPhone 14 will be available in September at $799.

There will be two sizes of the phone: 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches.