AOn Wednesday, several reports revealed Apple's most recent choice regarding the new pill-and-hole notch design on the iPhone 14 Pro. This was a major iPhone 14 bombshell.

The iPhone will only darken the short area between the pill opening and the hole rather than displaying both cutouts.

It appears that Apple may have come up with a pretty clever use for the area in between the cuts.

For applications that access the camera and microphone, a green dot is always displayed.

These indicators will be reimagined in a really fascinating way by the extended pill notch on the iPhone 14 Pro.

According to this latest report, the space between the pill and the hole-punch cutout will not show any other information besides the privacy indicators.

Speaking of the Camera app, it appears that Apple is aiming for a new UI, which it may reveal along with the iPhone 14 models.

In addition to the iPhone 14 series, other iPhone models will likely support the new Camera app UI, although that is just conjecture.