Sunday's Cup Series regular-season finale saw Austin Dillon win at Daytona International Speedway and secure a playoff position by avoiding a major collision in the rain.

With three laps left, Dillon overtook Austin Cindric to take the lead during a 3-hour, 20-minute weather-related red flag. It was an aggressive manoeuvre that brought the race's drama to a close.

At a sodden Daytona, Austin Dillon and Ryan Blaney secure the final playoff slots.

Blaney came in seventh place overall but was first in the standings by three points.

You just have to keep a positive outlook, Blaney added. It was undoubtedly an emotional roller coaster that ended happily.

As the cars entered the high-banked curve, slippery tyres began to lose traction on the wet tarmac.

Hamlin advised, "Just throw the caution before the rain started. Better officiating is required. "About 10 seconds before we entered Turn 1, it started to rain because we had rain coming down the front.

That made it possible for Austin Dillon, who had 19 points when the day began, to practically steal a playoff spot. It also produced a contentious conclusion.