US-supplied rocket artillery systems have been successfully used by Ukraine against Russian soldiers. Modern rocket artillery has a long history of employment in battle, including the HIMARS used in Ukraine.

One of the most well-known and feared WWII weapons was the Soviet Union's "Katyusha."

Although it has been dubbed "a game changer," the US-made rocket artillery that Ukraine is employing to destroy Russian command centres and ammunition depots is really a descendant of the famed "Katyusha" rocket launcher that Soviet forces employed against Nazi invaders in World War II.

Katyusha isn't only a weapon from World War II, though. It evolved into a picture that conjures up salvoes of roaring, blazing rockets bursting into the sky.

Even military rockets have a lengthy history. As early as 200 AD, the Chinese were using rockets.

During World War II, a weapon the US is presently providing to Ukraine was first used as a source of battlefield terror.

Instead, German soldiers fled in panic from a weapon their enemy weren't supposed to be capable of creating as the ground erupted in waves of explosions.