Musk emphasised the same issue he's been emphasising ever since launching the Tesla Bot project in 2021 in the post, which was published in the official newspaper of the China Cyberspace Administration:

It's a valid point, even though some of the major robotics businesses, like ABB, could disagree with the designation. Tesla does business using more than only the automation's supporting software.

Elon Musk provides information regarding Tesla's humanoid robot.

How a humanoid robot fits into Tesla's economic model may be a more important topic, and the solution isn't exactly obvious. Musk makes it quite apparent in his piece that the intention is to someday use home robotics to target the consumer market.

However, it is a long way from a robot vacuum to a humanoid robot, and much work still needs to be done in terms of technical development and production costs to make that goal a reality.

Nowadays' automobiles resemble sophisticated, web-connected robots more and more. In actuality, humanoid robots are also becoming a reality, in addition to autos.

Robotic technology will likely usher in a time of extreme abundance in both goods and services, one in which everyone will be able to live comfortably.