How Top Gun Maverick Promotes the Military

One is the era of Uncle Sam, who zealously wore the American flag's colours and stars while wearing a suit and top hat.

requesting that YOU join the US Army (or Lord Kitchener, the British equivalent with the ferret-like moustache neatly-pruned on his top lip).

This was the kind of advertising that made Don Draper from Mad Men and his colleagues want to rethink how military propaganda is promoted.

For starters, "propaganda" is a dirty word with pervasive negative connotations, whether it was used to brainwash the German populace under Nazi rule,

Nowadays, marketing or advertising are more commonly used to describe propaganda since they are clearer and less ambiguous. Marketing professionals have outdone themselves

Films have been shown to be successful marketing tools. During World War II, it was a frequent motif to show movies to large audiences.

. Tom Cruise's record-breaking Top Gun: Maverick, which many people also think is a terrific movie, is a recent illustration.