Despite her historic first grand slam triumph in London in July, she says her time as a Wimbledon champion has been "not the greatest" and that she doesn't feel like the tournament's champion.

Just a few weeks ago, Elena Rybakina won Wimbledon, undoubtedly the most coveted achievement in tennis.

After winning Wimbledon, Rybakina's world ranking should have risen, and in another year, she should have broken the top 10.

Ahead of the US Open, which starts on Monday, Kazakhstani Rybakina stated her discontentment with life following the achievement of her first grand slam title.

Rybakina told reporters in New York on Friday, "Wimbledon was my dream. "It's unfortunate. I have the impression that I am not the Wimbledon champion."

Life as a champion, according to Elena Rybakina, is "not the greatest" and she feels like she is "not the Wimbledon champion."

The top eight players go to the finals, although Rybakina is now ranked 20th before the US Open, making it difficult for her to compete in October's event.

It permeates everything. It's a problem with points. It's not fair, in my opinion," Rybakina declared.