Due to limited legislative funding, the government will stop providing free Covid-19 at-home testing on Friday, a senior Biden administration official announced on Sunday.

On Friday, the Biden administration will discontinue providing free at-home COVID-19 testing.

According to a notice on the website, the freebie, which includes tests shipped at no cost to people who request them at Covidtests.gov, will expire on Friday — unless there is a surprise infusion of funds from Congress, the source said.

If Congress approves funding, we will quickly start giving out free tests again through covidtests.

Our urgent needs for Covid-19 response money have been made clear to the administration, the source said.

The majority of Americans would still be able to receive free testing or reimbursement through private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid even after distribution was stopped on Friday.

According to the federal government's Covid-19 test website, 600 million tests have been distributed.

The new mail service, which health experts argued came too late to fulfil demand during the worst of the Omicron wave, is now providing testing to millions of Americans.