Researchers from all across the world are vying for the opportunity to document every known species on the planet's genetic makeup. The United Nations had already issued a warning that an estimated

Researcher Joanna Harley told CBS News correspondent Roxana Saberi, "It's extremely vital." "It's crucial to protect the biodiversity on this planet.

The more we withdraw from the world, the less there will be since they give to us and keep us going.

Researchers hope to improve human health, preserve biodiversity, and comprehend ecosystems by sequencing the DNA of all living on Earth.

Mark Blaxter, who oversees a team working under the Earth Biogenome Project, informed Sabri that everything is interconnected. We depend on the services that this flora, fauna, and fungi provide for us.

Nearly 400 of the 70,000 identified species in Britain have had their genetic blueprints compiled so far.

Researchers are rushing to digitise the DNA of all known species on Earth.