Rousey Reinstituted, Reigns Ousted in SmackDown Winners and Losers

Just hours before the Clash at the Castle premium live event from Cardiff, Wales, WWE offered a pre-taped SmackDown.

The pay-per-view-unaffected narratives added to the hype of the concert, but some of the Saturday's show's important actors still had some unfinished business.

Ronda Rousey was planned to appear, the WWE was honouring Roman Reigns' two years as champion, and the show would open with a Viking Rules match.

Strong activity was interspersed throughout the two hours with occasionally mediocre competitions.

The Viking Raiders might be resurrected by WWE as one of the best tag teams on the roster.

The first quarter of the broadcast was devoted to what seemed to be the final battle between these two teams, and it was given plenty of time.

The Raid was sent home with the victory after a double table slot, making it clear that these two are prepared to face another team.