Scientists develop a system for mobile app-based heart disease detection.

New methods that researchers are working to make into a phone app can diagnose difficult-to-detect ailments by listening to the sound of a beating heart.

Researchers at the American Institute of Physics have developed a method that can detect aortic valve stenosis, which can result in heart failure, using only a stethoscope and a computer.

Scientists think their recently developed technique, which is a straightforward, low-cost method to identify a condition that would ordinarily require expensive technology, might greatly assist rural areas.

Unwrapping aortic valve failure by complex network analysis: A review of the literature was a study that appeared on August 30 in the peer-reviewed scientific publication Journal of Applied Physics.

Early cases are frequently overlooked as a result of the diagnostic difficulties; however, this research may provide a solution.

The heart's "lub dub" sound, which is produced when the chambers fill with blood and the pulmonary valves seal, holds the secret.

In the event of aortic stenosis, there is no distinction between the "lub" and "dub" sound signals, according to Dr. Swapna.