Omicron booster side effects: What to expect and how to manage them

These boosters, notably BA.4 and BA.5, may provide improved defence against COVID-19 infections with the circulating variations.

Updated COVID-19 boosters that target particular coronavirus omicron strains are now accessible for the first time..

However, much like all other coronavirus vaccines, the new COVID-19 boosters for omicrons may have certain negative effects.

These side effects will probably be minor for the majority of people.

But they still have the potential to ruin your life. Going through the motions at work and school might be tough when you are experiencing symptoms like arm aches or general weariness.

Consequently, before getting your next shot, consider the following information regarding potential side effects and advice from specialists on how to manage them.

However, according to the CDC, it must have been at least two months since your most recent vaccination.