Some people won't like the political statement made by the CEO of McDonald's.

The CEO of McDonald's identifies a significant issue for the fast food restaurant industry.

Politics and chief executives rarely mix well, so it was a surprise when departing Whole Foods CEO John Mackey said that the "socialists are taking over" on a podcast.

The internet did not allow him to retire without one final scandal because young people "don't appear like they want to work"

Chris Kempczinski, chief executive of McDonald's (MCD) - Get McDonald's Corporation Report, is the most recent figure to garner attention with his words.

Kempczinski brought up the problem of crime in the Midwestern metropolis that houses the Golden Arches during a conference at the Economic Club of Chicago.

There are more than 400 eateries in the city alone, and Kempczinski told reporters at the event that a number of them have found it challenging to operate due to an increase in crime.

Our eateries are the scene of violent crime... In our restaurants, we are observing concerns with homelessness.