More people are considering buying an electric vehicle as a better option after seeing the high petrol prices.

With gas costs at about $4 per gallon, it might be very tempting to make the switch.

The majority of electric vehicles sold in the United States as of right now—nearly 70% of all electric vehicles sold there in 2021—are sold by Tesla.

However, as businesses like Nissan, Ford, and GM begin to sell their own electric vehicles, competition is eroding Tesla's market share (EVs).

There are several unrecognised expenses associated with owning an electric vehicle.

So, would you benefit from an EV? Here are a few one-time and continuing costs to think about when switching to electricity.

Some electric vehicles may cost more than their internal combustion engine equivalents before you even receive the keys (or key fob) for the car.

Due to the deterioration of the nation's highways, states occasionally tack on a gas tax to help pay for necessary repairs and other issues.