A 2017 research put the median age of American farmers at 57.5, and many in the field are eager to hire the younger generations to fill their boots.

The ageing agricultural sector promotes professional opportunities to youthful fairgoers

In support of this initiative, the New York State Fair will host Agriculture Career Day on Thursday to inspire young people to consider jobs in farming and agriculture.

Numerous children will take part in livestock competitions, exhibitions, and other activities at the fair.

There is a common misperception that you must own farm animals to participate in 4H, but there are many opportunities for young people without animals to collaborate with farms that do.

Maddy Montross, 10, has been participating in 4H for the past few years and has shown cattle for much of her life. This year, she brought six Herefords and six Red Angus to the state fair.

The exhibitors must handle their animals and be able to respond to the livestock judges' precise queries.

I was thrilled when I was able to finally buy my own farm and when I was able to work for myself, paying my own way to join a team working on a farm.