Elden Ring was published in February, and right now, gamers are starting to figure out the main secrets of the game.

Nevertheless, gamers have continued to cite many older games as the best of all time, despite recency bias.

No matter how big and grandiose a game is, it doesn't appear to be able to match Reddit users' memories of far smaller games from previous platform generations.

According to the Redditor, "The best levels were those in space. combining space dogfighting with jumping from your ship and engaging the other battle cruiser in combat. Amazing."

Snake, the protagonist, embarks on a terrifying emotional trip in the game's dramatic tale, which is set in the Soviet jungle, yet it still has its trademark humour that breaks the fourth wall.

The Top 10 Video Games of All Time, Per Reddit

In a lengthy post explaining why Portal is the best game ever, Tesseon mentions, "Excellent puzzle design and advancement.

"One of the few games I'm comfortable to just sit and watch someone else play instead of just playing myself," the Redditor writes.