Recently, an eight-year-old youngster earned the best grade attainable in math for his GCSE.

Kautilya Katariya, a student at Northampton's Wootton Park School, took the test in year three.

nearly eight years earlier than the average child. Kautilya was able to study math with kids from years 10, 11, and 12 after teachers evaluated his aptitude for the subject.

One of Britain's brightest young people, who is just eight years old, became the world's youngest computer programmer and earned the highest math GCSE grade.

He attends the Wootton Park School in Northampton, England, and despite being a child genius who competes against adults in the real world, he loves nothing more than to play with his younger brother, solve puzzles, go swimming, and cycle.

His father had given him the computer game Bubble Blasters, but instead of playing it or other similar games, he was interested in learning how to create them.

He enjoys creating them more and is an IBM Certified Artificial Intelligence Professional. He uses programming languages like Python.

His name Kautilya has a rich historical background in India. Pandit Chanakya was also known by the name Kautilya.