They were America's wealthiest family. Then they lost everything.

How the Vanderbilt family made their riches and how they lost itThe Vanderbilts were once America's wealthiest family. Then everything went awry.

Continue reading to learn about the amazing growth and crash of one of the most well-known old-money dynasties in history.

After John D. Rockefeller discovered oil, his family became extremely wealthy, and Levi Strauss became affluent after creating blue jeans as workwear during the Gold Rush.

But a few generations later, due to changes in fortune, some of the most significant family riches was lost.

Even while we don't stand to lose billions, we can nevertheless gain insight from these families' misfortunes.

The head of this wealthy family borrowed $100 from his mother in 1810 and used it to establish a steamship and railway empire.

The Vanderbilts were once the wealthiest family in the United States, but throughout the years they spent a colossal amount of money on extravagant extravagances including gambling, classical art, and large homes.