The metaverse is a concept that aims to allow virtual avatars of actual people to interact in 3D virtual environments regardless of their physical location. The tech industry is placing a lot of money on this idea.1

Although the metaverse is still in its infancy, McKinsey & Co. claims that it has already received $57 billion in investments from IT behemoths, VCs, and private equity firms in 2021 alone.

These enormous investments will probably also open up a huge long-term potential for investors purchasing stock in the metaverse-powering corporations.

With the metaverse anticipated to create $5 trillion in income by 2030 as it increasingly significantly impacts a number of economic sectors, including e-commerce, online learning, advertising, and gaming, it won't be shocking to see this number rise with each passing year.

Two Metaverse Stocks That Might Make You Rich

The rapid expansion of AMD's data centre business may be maintained with the aid of the metaverse. That's because as the metaverse requires more sophisticated data processing, the cloud computing sector should benefit greatly.

Additionally, AMD's earlier this year completed acquisition of Xilinx should improve the former's capacity to benefit from the metaverse.

This is so that users can interact with 3D virtual worlds made by developers with the aid of Roblox. The company's products allow customers to create their own online learning experiences in addition to exploring 3D virtual environments.