According to reports, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid has recently had little success in his attempts to speak with President Biden about the new Iran nuclear deal that appears to be coming to fruition.

The White House initially put the president's recent vacation, which concluded on Wednesday, to blame for Lapid's inability to reach Biden on the phone, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Unable to reach Biden on the phone, Israeli Prime Minister Lapid insists on a meeting to address Iran: report

At a gathering of the Yesh Atid party, Lapid declared, "This is a poor deal," acknowledging that as the U.S. reacted to recent requests from Tehran,

Macron has conceded that certain issues, including as Iran's ballistic missile programme, are not addressed by the deal as it stands today.

The Defense Ministry revealed to The Washington Post that Ganz lobbied for enhancing Israel's ability to combat Iran, emphasising

 face of Iran's nuclear programme as well as its regional aggression, the need of maintaining and developing operation capabilities for both defensive and offensive purposes.

Lapid is looking for a face-to-face encounter. important interactions that the administration has had with White House officials.