Win Butler, the vocalist for the band Arcade Fire, has faced numerous accusations of sexual assault, all of which he claims were "consensual" experiences.

The alleged victims informed the site that they were between the ages of 18 and 23 when the singer made sexual approaches toward them between 2016 and 2020. Butler was 36 when the accusations first surfaced.

USA TODAY has contacted Butler's agents. They replied on Saturday night saying they had nothing further to add to Butler's remark in the Pitchfork article.

In interviews with the alleged victims, the majority of them described how their encounters with Butler started out as fan interactions before escalating into their limits being disregarded.

Win Butler of Arcade Fire denies all four allegations of sexual assault against him, saying they were "all consensual."

Sarah, a different witness, related how she was coerced into engaging in video sex with the musician.

It became impossible to overlook the costs of having to keep everything a secret, continually putting my needs aside to please him, a lack of boundaries, and the shame of being the other woman, according to Fiona.

I was pretty shaken," he admitted. "Even though she insisted it had nothing to do with me, she was dealing with a mental disease, and I am extremely empathetic to that."