CURLYTREATS Natural Hair Festival 2022

Almost a year has passed since the first lockdown took place in England, a year since live events began. I wanted to begin by thanking you for your support throughout the last year – during the pandemic.
We assessed the best course of action based on the timeline for lifting lockdown provided by the Government.
In order to take up space in society, we want to celebrate Black people first, so we always place the black community first.


Our confidence that CurlyTreats can go ahead this summer has been boosted by the easing of lockdown restrictions across England. Outdoor events in the city with up to 4,000 participants can take place on 17 May.
In the years since Lockdown, we have never given up hope of bringing the festival back and have been working very hard behind the scenes to make sure our plans come true.


Many organizations have already reorganized to protect their futures and find a way to ensure that they can continue to function during this period of crisis. We have taken a different approach, developing a stronger vision for the future.
In light of this, we are happy to announce that CURLYTREATS will be held as an outdoor event at Crystal Palace Park in South London from 19 to 20 June 2022.


The Curlytreats team is partnering with Radiate Festival for the 2017 season in order to deliver a combined audience of more than 10,000 this summer.
Its annual Radiate Festival provides a venue to acknowledge the importance of the cultural contributions made by the Black Community in the UK and its Windrush generation throughout the year.
Our grassroots organizations, which were founded by Black women, are committed to adding value to the Black British community by exploring and expanding possibilities. We are rebuilding even stronger during this period of post-pandemic recovery!
It will be great to demonstrate a great example of collaboration over competition through our relationship with this partnership.


We look forward to seeing you at CryptoTREATS Fest, if you are:
On your journey to healthy hair, you need some encouragement & inspiration.
Having relaxed hair that has been restyled to natural hair or newly relaxed hair.
She is a natural hair texture but wears protective hairstyles, such as braids, wigs, and weaves.
A hair care education program with the goal of growing healthy natural hair.
Curls, coils, fro, or locs are the mark of a parent who has them.
You might want to give up relaxers if they contain harmful chemicals.
You can learn how to take care of natural hair by learning what ingredients are good for it
Discover new brands and shop at discounted prices for beauty products.
Looking to celebrate the natural beauty of your hair.
Learning from experts through hands-on training.


CURLYTREATS Natural Hair Festival 2022

In the last CURLYTREATS held before the pandemic, over 5,000 people were present.
It was an exciting day as people explored the expo, attended conference sessions, participated in breakout sessions, and bopped to some great music. I’ve curated these event photos for your viewing pleasure.


“The event was very packed; there were many people who loved their natural hair … Several local companies were present, but there were also internationally known companies present. This event was a great opportunity for us to include some curly hair tools and accessories in our wardrobe… We were in awe! There was such a positive vibe, so many lovely people, and so much love… 💕” – WE TALK BEAUTY NL
“Fab day out curlytreats with these girlies who are embracing their curly natural hair and empowering each other with their hair journeys!” – JENNIFER LANCASTER
‘Thank you curlytreats for having me on Saturday! Really enjoyed my time there and got to see so many quality brands and curls in all their glory! The link between hair and nutrition often gets overlooked so it was my pleasure to be able to share all things health from the inside out amongst some hair and beauty legends!” – AMAEZE MSC ANUTR



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