Almost every global industry is being disrupted and revolutionized by artificial intelligence. AI is gaining a lot of potential to improve many aspects of our lives with the development of several advanced technologies revolving around it. However, there are risks involved! Artificial intelligence algorithms are increasing in number as technology advances! There are swathes of experts warning users about the potential dangers of artificial intelligence. The EU seems to be taking these warnings seriously, as it moves forward in curbing all AI threats to humanity, despite some tech fanatics believing these claims are false.

A comprehensive global infrastructure for regulating artificial intelligence is being developed by European Union politicians. With more global institutions automating routine and monotonous tasks in an effort to boost efficiency and cut operational costs, more businesses are becoming targets of harmful AI algorithms. Known as the Artificial Intelligence Act, this framework will be enacted across all EU borders, much like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation that applies to all areas, including UK banks.

As the EU regulates and monitors AI algorithms on the different types of AI models that can be produced and used, it will certainly adjust the kinds of machine-based discrimination that influence our most important decisions. It is expected that AI users will reap tremendous benefits from this upcoming regulatory infrastructure, starting with open access to quality, truthful news, among other things.


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