National Farmers Day 2022- All in details [Updated]

National Farmers’ Day, October 12th, brings a well-deserved tribute to hardworking farmers across the country. At the height of the harvest season, the day honours the men, women and families who put food in the grocery stores and at our tables every day. National farmers day 2022 will be on Tuesday on 13th October.

From very early on in American culture, farmers have been role models in their endless hard work. Not only do they provide the nation with the food we eat, but they also contribute to our economy in a number of ways. Before the seeds reach the ground, growers provide a variety of jobs. Since manufacturing, marketing, and tourism, farmers maintain small and large communities.

National Farmers day 2022

Some cities and towns in the United States celebrate their own versions of Farmers’ Day. Dates are filled with celebrations and festivals throughout the year. Many of them were detained in September and October.

October seems to be a good month for celebrating this National Day as the end of the harvest season approaches. Many farmers will be able to take a break from their hard work to join in celebrating this holiday.

How to observe National Farmers Day in 2022

While thanking the farmer is one way to celebrate the day, consider these opportunities to learn more about farming. Go to small town festivals. These often showcase the food and culture of farm life. By supporting festivals, you are also supporting farmers and their communities.

Supporting local farmers. How?

Buy fruits and vegetables from the farmers market. Another way to support local farmers is to invest in cooperative farming. Visit select your farm. These farms not only offer fresh fruits and vegetables but also hands-on experience in harvesting. While you are not using the machine, you will enjoy the afternoon with friends and family. It is also an educational experience.

Other fun and educational farm experiences are in the pumpkin patch. These farms offer a variety of activities packed with locally grown autumn produce. When you show your support for your farmers, you also support your community.
Visit the local historical communities in your small town. Not only do they record the history of the city, but they also record the history of the farmers who helped build the foundations of America’s small cities.
Appreciate all the farmers on this day by posting about them with this hashtag: #NationalFarmersDay on your all social media profiles.

National Farmers Day in India

National Farmers Day is celebrated on 23rd December 2022 in India / Kisan Diwas to celebrate Choudhury Charan Singh’s birthday. Chaudhry Charan Singh served as the sixth Prime Minister from July 28, 1979 to January 14, 1980 and died in 1987. During his tenure as Prime Minister of India, Chaudhry Charan Singh introduced policies to improve the lives and conditions of the country’s farmers.

He also played a leading role in the country’s agriculture sector by introducing bills to reform farmers. The Zamindari Abolition Act 1952 is believed to have been passed due to the hard work of Chaudhry Charan Singh. To honor him, the government decided in 2001 to celebrate his birth anniversary as National Farmer’s Day. On this day the government organizes many activities, workshops and seminars on agriculture.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid tribute to Chaudhry Sharan Singh on his birthday on Monday 23 December. “Recalls Chaudhry Charan Singh Ji V Gianti. When it came to protecting the rights of hardworking farmers, Charan Singh Jie worked tirelessly to empower the marginalized. He was at the forefront of strengthening India’s democratic fabric,” Minister Narendra Modi tweeted in the first tweet. Chaudhary Charan Singh died on May 29, 1987. A monument to him is located in New Delhi and is known as Kisan Ghat.

National Farmers day 2022

National Farmers Day Pakistan2021

Pakistan’s National Farmers Day, also known as Kisan Day, was celebrated for the first time in the country’s history on December 18, 2019 in Islamabad, as also recognized by the country’s Prime Minister Imran Khan. The idea was put forward by the Fatima Group, a leading fertilizer manufacturer in Pakistan in favor of improving the well-being and prosperity of farmers while celebrating the first Pakistani Farmers Day on December 18, 2019 during a special event in Islamabad supported by the Prime Minister of the country.

National Farmers’ Day United State 2022

In America, it is celebrated on October 12th every year. It is celebrated to honor all farmers throughout American history.

National Farmers’ Day Ghana

Ghana’s National Farmers’ Day is an annual celebration of farmers and fishermen, celebrated on the first Friday of December. On Farmers’ Day, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (Ghana) honors farmers and fishermen who deserve it based on their practices and production with special prizes.

National Farmers’ Day in Nepal

National Farmers’ Day is a day of respect for 65% of Nepal’s total population. Farmer leader Dave Dawal has created the National Farmers Day which is celebrated in 27 Gesta (according to the BS Nepalese calendar) and with the support of FSC Rupandehi and other farmers who support NGOs with NFF Nepal.

National Farmers’ Day Zambia

National Farmers’ Day is celebrated in Zambia on the first Monday in August

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