Saracens Superstar Owen Farrell “feels incredibly sorry” about the High tackle

OWEN FARRELL “feels incredibly sorry” for illegal interference almost certainly banned by the season’s hottest Arab game, according to rugby director Mark McCall.

Farrell faces an online disciplinary hearing on Tuesday night when he finds out how long he was suspended for receiving his first red card in his career an hour after Saturday’s defeat to the Wasps.

England captain is fired for reckless and reckless handling with 18-year-old Charlie Atkinson, whose era ended in defiance.

Farrell immediately showed remorse and apologized to Atkinson, but he could face a long ban as the game continues to suppress dangerous intrusions, especially on the head.

Al-Arab travels to Dublin to face Leinster on Saturday as the club aims a successful defense of its European crown to make up for its relegation from Gallagher’s Premier League due to frequent overdues to the maximum salary.

“It was clear that Owen got it wrong, no doubt about it.” Rugby director Mark McCall said, “He was at the club and I spoke to him.”

“You can see what his reaction looks like as soon as this happens that he knows he’s wrong and he’s incredibly sorry.

“He stood on the seam and waited for Charlie to get up and go up and was really worried about him. You can see on his face how he felt.”

Saracens Superstar Owen Farrell feels incredibly sorry about the High tackle

McCall refused to reveal Saracens’ strategy for a disciplinary hearing, but succumbed to Farrell’s loss in the Aviva Stadium confrontation with two matches before they left for Ireland.

The penalty range for his apparent violation of the Intervention Law is two low end games, six mid-term and 10 high end games.

Mid-term appears to be the most likely punishment and given Farrell’s remorse and good disciplinary record – he was banned for the same crime four years ago in his only previous comment – any penalty could be mitigated.

“We should let the measures run their course but we can safely assume Owen will not be available for Leinster and we will plan that way,” McCall said.

Farrell’s absence will be partially compensated for by the return of Duncan Taylor from a shoulder injury with the possibility that central Scotland will be available for Wednesday’s encounter with Seale.

However, Maku Funibola’s fitness is an issue, as his back spasm threatens his engagement against Leinster.

“Mako is not ready yet. It’s lingering for longer than we had hoped,” McCool said.

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