How To Treat Bunions At Home?

It is really difficult to carry bunions, specially when you do not know how to treat it. It is not only creating difficulties in walking but also badly damage your personality. So, you have to get rid of it as quickly as possible. If it is unable to eradicate from the roots, at least you could over come the problem by walking in a way that other could not get that you are carrying this problem.

Get rid of bunions

Surgery is the only way to treat but we have a list of treatments that will help you out in treating this issue at home. So, let’s see that how can you treat Bunions at Home.

How To Decrease The Pain Of Bunions?

It is thought that one can get rid of bunions by himself after applying home treatments and taking minor medicines at home. This is totally wrong because you can’t totally remove the bones. So, in that case you need to adopt methods that could decrease your pain. Following are the ways that can ease bunions pain.

Suitable Shoes

At home you can use those shoes which are recommended. But the question is that what are the recommended shoes for this problem.

Bunion shoes

There are many cute sandals that hide bunions are available in the market that could be lethal to reduce your bunion pain a great deal.

But you can also use shoes and sandals with soft sole and low heels that will reduce the pressure on the bones which in result reduce the pain.


Another good treatment that you can apply to reduce the pain is to holding ice pads for 5 minutes at a time. But do not apply more than 5 minutes because it can damage the cells.


Soft pads can also be used that stops the bunions to rub with surface of the shoe. But you have to buy from stores.

Pain Killers

You can also take pain killers to reduce the pain like paracetamol or ibuprofen. Both of them are quite helpful in reducing the pain.

Reduce Weight

This is another good habit to reduce the pain. If you are fatty enough then you need to lose some weight in order to reduce the pressure on the bunions as a result your bunion pain will reduce a great deal.

Try Warm Socks

You can also try warm socks in order to get rid of the bunion pain. It will increase the inner temperature of your feet that will reduce bunion pain.

Moleskin Or Gill-Filled Pads

Another good method that you can apply to reduce the pain is to use Moleskin or Gill-filled Pads.

Use of Splint

This is a medical equipment that can be used to reduce the pain. It holds the position of the bones that can reduce the pain a great deal. It also helps in permanent treatment. If you can’t use it during daytime then night time will be an option to use this medical equipment to get outstanding results.

If all these methods fail to produce the results that you want, then you can concern a podiatrist for surgery.

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