National Neighbor Day 2022, September 28 in United States-USA

“National Neighbor Day” is a national day in the United States that is celebrated on September 28 (some believe it is the 26th of September). This year National Neighbor Day 2022 will be also celebrated with full appreciation.

In the early 1970s, Becky Matson of Lakeside, Montana established a National Good Neighborhood Day as a day to network and recognize powerful leaders. On September 22, 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed Proclamation No. 4601 establishing September 24, 1978 as National Good Neighbor Day, establishing that it must be observed: “with appropriate ceremonies and activities.”

On April 28, 2004, the Senate approved a decision by Montana Senator Max Pocos to designate September 26 as National Neighbor Day.

national neighbor day september 28

How to Observe National Neighbor Day in the United States in 2022

Being a good neighbor is not that difficult. Starting with kindness is always the first step.

  • Give them surprise with whishing them #Happy national neighbor day
  • Get extra gifts from your garden or bakery.
  • Ask them to join you on lunch or dinner on this day
  • Invite them to join you in an informal ceremony at your home.
  • Introduce them to your pets or give them gardening advice.
  • Give a good word. Even the slightest compliment goes a long way to break a bond or barrier.
  • Visit their house and have a cup of tea/coffee with theme do chit chat and smile, laugh for a while.

Ask who would recommend a service like tax, painting or car care. You will gain their respect, especially if the question is the direct experience for them.


National Neighbor Day  2022 on Social Media

  • Do post about your sitting with your neighbours
  • Show your love to your neighbour on your social media profile
  • Take lovely pictures with your neighbours while having Lunch or Dinner
  • Appreciate your neighbour on Facebook and Twitter or Instagram
  • Tag your dear neighbors in your posts


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